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OmFLOAT hosts 5 Samadhi floatation tanks to support R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) as defined by the National Institute of Health. Floatation tanks contain about a foot of water that is saturated with epsom salt which enables a person to float effortlessly. The solution is skin temperature in a dark and quiet tank. When our bodies are free from gravity and all outside stimulation, deep physical and mental relaxation is achieved.

The Samadhi isolation tank brand, pioneer in the industry, was invented by Glenn and Lee Perry to the specifications of John C. Lilly, the scientist who discovered the benefits of water-based sensory deprivation; the very first “floater.”

Dr. Lilly believed in exploration of the human experience and of the self. Therefore, Samadhi tanks represent the spirit of self-discovery and are designed to this aim. Not only does floating provide an opportunity for introspection but there are many facets to the isolation tank experience to explore:

  • Ultimate Relaxation
  • Pain and Stress Relief
  • Improved Athletic Performance
  • Unparalleled Athletic Recovery
  • Mental Clarity and Creativity
  • Better Overall Health
  • Personal Growth
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The OmFLOAT Experience:

The tanks are maintained at a temperature of approximately 94 degrees Fahrenheit and are filled about 12 inches high with an epsom salt solution containing between 33-35 percent magnesium sulfate – almost double the density of the Dead Sea. Not only does this ensure a comfortable “float” in the solution but most bacteria and all viruses are killed on contact with the solution. Between floaters, the entire contents of the tank pumps in excess of 3 “turnovers” through a five micron filter and a UV sterilization system which is visible to clients. Additionally, the facility is cleaned from top to bottom on a weekly basis.

Each tank at OmFLOAT is located in its own private room with a personal shower. We request each floater shower before and after their session. Basics such as soap, shampoo, towels and ear plugs are provided. The floater is given the option to either start silent or be gently guided into the meditation with relaxing music. A fully furnished communal room with a sink and hair dryers is available to freshen up after floating. You can learn more about OmFLOAT’s location here.

Tank rooms are booked in 2 hour blocks, which allows time to shower before and after your float. Based on science and research, floats last 90 minutes. This matches our ultradian rhythm, which is a natural cycle for many bodily functions, such as hunger, mood and sleep cycles. You can learn more about float research here.

While the Samadhi design is at the core of the tanks at OmFLOAT, Brooks has brought his experience to the facility by customizing the ventilation systems, pumps, automation, audio experience and unique lighting throughout the facility. This makes an experience at OmFLOAT entirely unique.

43490 Yukon Drive, Suite 111, Ashburn, VA 20147

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