One of the best parts of visiting OmFLOAT is the therapeutic environment. Owners Brooks and Amy take pride in the positive experience that the space facilitates. Floaters may experience a sense of anticipation when they fill the waiting area before a session, but as they leave they often express a sense of centeredness, confidence and relaxation. 

The main entry rooms house the reception desk, large comfortable sofas and partnered products for sale. Throughout the facility are libraries, large and small, which include books on spirituality, self-reflection and art.

Signature artwork by local artist, Lotus, paints the walls from the time you enter to the back hallway. You may find yourself contemplating the OmFLOAT mandala or being drawn into meditation by the entrancing large Sisyphus table which graces the reception area.

Have some tea or water from the tea bar in the center of the facility, or step aside in the quiet reflection room where a second, smaller Sisyphus table is located for reflection and enjoyment.

Visitors may book a session with the in-house metaphysical practitioner Ken who adorns his space with healing crystals and oracle decks. Ken also provides astrology readings and believes in the wisdom of the ages - the path of Universal Love.

There are two bathrooms at OmFLOAT, one at the front reception area and one in the back with the float tanks, separated from the front of the building.

A Clearlight Sanctuary 2 Sauna is located towards the front of the building, with a second one towards the back along with a cold Plunge tub. There is separate space in the back of OmFLOAT for the five Samadhi float tanks. The saunas, cold plunge and each tank are located in a private room with a shower. After a float or sauna session, guests are invited to use the complementary dressing room to dry their hair or prepare for the rest of the day.

There are so many pockets of relaxation and wisdom to experience at OmFLOAT. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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